Seven Reasons to Attend a Thunderbirds Game in 2024

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced sport that features a team of the best seven athletes against another team of the best seven athletes. An exciting mix between football, basketball, and soccer, the Frisbee can be launched over a hundred yards, players can leave their feet for incredible catches, and drama can unfold at any point in the game. But there's more to a Pittsburgh Thunderbirds match than just the game! With seven on our line, here's seven reasons why you should attend a game this season!

By: Andrew Gardner

The Pittsburgh Thunderbirds huddle at half-time of their Home Opener at Highmark Stadium in 2023 |  Photo: Jeff Gamza

One - It's FUN!

It's listed first because it's the most important! You're going to have fun! The festivities can begin as early as you want in the West Lot for tail-gaiting at Highmark Stadium. Pulling up to the Highmark Stadium parking lot and tailgating isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. Gates will open one hour prior to the start of the game, and you may see special giveaways, discount on food, discount on beer, and maybe even a chance at an autograph or two from the players!  Arrive early, have fun with your friends and family, and then head on in to watch both teams warm-up while our DJ, (DJ Michael Joseph) drops some pre-game beats over the loudspeakers. 

Fans celebrate a goal score at Highmark Stadium in 2023 during a regular season game vs the Indianapolis AlleyCats | Photo: Weidi Li


Two - The Hucket Bucket Challenge

An iconic staple of every Pittsburgh Thunderbirds home game has become the 'Hucket Bucket Challenge' which occurs at the end of the 3rd quarter. For a few dollars, you can purchase a bundle of mini discs. You will then attempt to toss one of those mini discs into our 'Hucket Bucket' on the field, with the winner taking home a cash prize! We have a winner more often than not - are you going to be our next Hucket Bucket Challenge champion and sign your name for the history books?

A fan celebrates after winning the Hucket Bucket Challenge on April 29th, 2023 at Highmark Stadium |  Photo: Jeff Gamza


Three - Every Game Matters

Whether we're battling our in-state rival, the Philadelphia Phoenix for the 'Commonwealth Cup', or we're facing the Carolina Flyers who currently have five ex-Thunderbirds players in a clash of pride, a 12-game schedule rises the importance level of every single game we play. This isn't a 162-game baseball season, one loss can sometimes be enough to put you on the outside looking in on a playoff berth - or on the flip side, you could be there to witness a single play that changes the trajectory of the whole season, like when Max Sheppard caught the game winning score with no time left against the Madison Radicals during our Home Opener at Highmark Stadium. 

Max Sheppard and Jon Mast of the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds celebrate after Sheppard caught the game winning pass from Mast to defeat the Madison Radicals at the buzzer in 2023 |  Photo: Jeff Gamza


Four - The Return of Kyle Archer

Kyle Archer is your game MC who instantly provide electricity to the atmosphere, teach you a little about the game, and launch hotdogs, shirts, Frisbees, and more into the crowd. Archer is responsible for organizing fun end of quarter games, half-time entertainment, our famous Hucket Bucket Challenge, and post-game interviews. Archer will bring the action right to your seats, and he's here to make sure every fan walks away with a huge smile on their face. Recently hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Archer knows how to have fun and you will have fun with him too. 

Kyle Archer sprints across the field with a Thunderbirds flag before the start of a regular season game at Highmark Stadium vs the Detroit Mechanix in 2023 |  Photo: Weidi Li


Five - The Affordability

Having a family outing can be tough, so it's nice to know that the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds make it affordable for families to enjoy a comfortable night out. All children eight and under get in for free! When they do get inside Highmark Stadium, they can sign-up for our Kids Club and be a part of memories they will cherish forever. Have them form the player high-five tunnel, throw a Pro Frisbee with their favorite Thunderbirds athlete, be picked for our halftime games, receive cool and unique gifts throughout the season, have the opportunity to announce players names, and more! If you have a group of 10 or more folks, save even more by contacting or by dialing 330-979-9347. 


Six - The Venue

Highmark Stadium truly has it all. It's not enough that the Thunderbirds can majestically throw a Disc in the air over the span of 100 yards as it sails across the Pittsburgh skyline, the sun shimmering off the Monongahela River, the occasional train rumbling past, making noise for the home team on an important defensive point, or the Gateway Clipper playing a Pittsburgh tune. Beyond that, it features a fully loaded clubhouse with food options, alcohol for purchase, a jumbo-tron for player introductions and replay, and center field seats with seat-backs. And when the game concludes and you're celebrating a win, head over to one of the many shops and restaurants located within Station Square. 

A bleacher view of Highmark Stadium before the Thunderbirds home playoff game against the Minnesota Wind Chill.


Seven - Player Interactions

There is no other sport of its kind that allows you access to the field immediately following the game. We welcome all of our friends, young and old, to throw with the Pros after the game. Or perhaps you would like to throw with your friends and family with the beautiful backdrop of the Pittsburgh skyline. In any case, it's the perfect way to cap off your night. Our players are excited to welcome you all to be a part of this experience with us, so please join us at the next Thundebirds game.

Clint McSherry high-fives fans after the conclusion of the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds Home Opener in 2023 at Highmark Stadium. Photo: Jeff Gamza


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