Inclusion Initiative

General Information

The intiative was started in the Fall of 2019 and is currently made up of current and former players in the UFA, UFA owners, and UFA staff.

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Mission of Initiative

This initiative strives to increase racial and cultural diversity and inclusion in the sport of ultimate by engaging communities of color and partnering with people who share the same mission.

The two key outcomes of the initiative will be 1) greater access to an affordable sport whose culture emphasizes healthy living, integrity in athletics, and potential to compete at all levels of Ultimate and 2) including new players so that our sport is more reflective of our communities. 


  • Grow awareness of ultimate in communities of color through direct outreach to fans and players of all backgrounds and making the sport accessible to all.

  • Increase participation and instill passion for ultimate in people of color by establishing and fostering youth and college ultimate programs in diverse communities.

  • Gain support of stakeholders in the health and development of youth of color by cultivating relationships and introducing the unique tenets of spirit of the game, integrity, and sportsmanship practiced by ultimate players.

  • Be reflective and representative of the demographics in the cities that harbor UFA teams by engaging fans and players from all racial/ethnic and cultural groups.

  • Be a driving force to elevate the footprint of and participation in ultimate in countries with high populations of color across the globe.



  • Blend owners + players who share a common goal of improving the inclusion of all races and cultures

  • Gather information on race and cultural diversity in the UFA to serve as a baseline

  • Get input from players on key topics and structure

  • Create actions that increase diversity and inclusion in the UFA and the sport of ultimate at all levels

  • Publicize our initiatives to ensure community knows our actions